What is Jumma Mubarak meaning?

What is Jumma Mubarak meaning?

Jumma and Mubarak are two separate words of Arabic languages. The world Jumma means Friday and Mubarak means greeting in the English language. Friday is considered a blessed day in the Islamic religion. Muslims even pray a special prayer on this day which is called Jumma prayer.

As per sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Jumma is equal to the Eid day. That’s why Muslims share the Jumma greeting with each other by sending Jumma Mubarak messages, SMS, gif, videos, wallpapers and set their DP with similar images.

Jumma Kareem meaning:

Jumma Kareem is similar to Jummah Mubarak. In some Muslims countries, the Muslims use the word Kareem instead of Mubarak. The word Kareem has been driven from the 99 names of the Allah which meaning in English is “The Most Generous”.

So do not get confused if someone says you Jumma Kareem instead of Mubarak as the Jumma Kareem meaning is same as the Jumma Mubarak meaning in Arabic.

Jumma Mubarak response:

There isn’t any specific way through which you can respond to your friend who just wished you on with the blessings of Friday. People responded in their own ways.

What is Jumma Mubarak meaning?

For example, if the person speaks Arabic then he or she may respond with the “Shukran” message. The meaning of Shukran is thank you in the English language. If you are sending the Friday greeting messages on Whatsapp or sending SMS on mobile then Jumma Mubarak response would be same.

If I receive a Jumma Mubarak wallpaper, photo, gif or video on my Whatsapp, I usually respond with the similar stuff to show my respect and to the person. Sometimes I only send a thank you message. So, there is no one specific way to respond when someone says you, Jumma Mubarak. It is totally your choice.

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