Download Xmodgames For IOS Devices

If you are a good player of any game in the android then I am sure you have listened the name of the well know app Xmodgames. This is a very interesting app which allows you to change the game’s mod change games ‘settings and provides a lot of tools which change the game hard to easy. This app allows you to modify the game and provides a lot of amazing tools. Moreover, there are much more features in XMod which makes it special.

There is a problem to use this app in IOS devices. I am sure you are thinking what is the problem which makes the Xmodgames app not installed in the IOS devices. Don’t worry the problem is not big you may able to download this app and install if you use to jailbreak method.

Installation of Xmodgames App in IOS Devices

  • Install this app in IOS devices can be made true by following our steps carefully. It is not a difficult method
  • Install the iFunbox on your pc.
  • After installing the iFunbox in your PC download the .deb file in your PC.
  • Connect your device to your pc.
  • Once this step complete click on the Cydia install button left the side to the mouse.
  • Select from your IOS device where you want to install it.
  • Drag the deb file here.
  • Restart you IOS device before installing.
  • Create a shortcut to the screen so that you may have easy access to the app.
  • Before installing this app, this will provide you a new dialogue box to root permission.
  • Lunch this app in your IOS device.
  • By clicking on the mod, you will find a lot of the apps such as the clash of clans, subway suffers.
  • Lunch so many tools.

Finally, I think you have no need to get more information but if you need for more details comment us in the below comment box. We will provide all the information about this app. There are so many apps for hacking but they are all fake. This is the original app by which you can hack all the games in the small passage of time.


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